Volunteers and Staff

Great events and special guests can only go so far, it's the people behind the scenes that make an event like the Midwest Media Expo truly wonderful. We are now accepting applications for this year's Volunteers and Event Staff.


A volunteer may work any number of hours on their time. Any time you are willing to donate is appreciated, but in order to get a 50% discount for next year's Midwest Media Expo, a volunteer must help out for at least 10 hours during the convention. A volunteer must purchase a 3-day or platinum weekend pass in order to qualify for volunteer status. Volunteers from previous years are strongly considered for future event staff positions.

Event Staff

An event 'staff' member is required to work at least 20 hours over the course of the event (including set-up and/or tear-down), and does not need to purchase a badge prior to the convention. Staff members are often given a fixed schedule during the event, and may not be able to see everything they are interested in. We strongly prefer staff members that either have experience in staffing other events, or professional experience in their field. In return for your time as a part of our event staff, you will be provided with full admission for the duration of this event, as well as access to the staff break room, and other perks to still be announced. Staff members may reserve a hotel room at the special discounted staff rate upon request.

(Please note that members of the event staff for the Midwest Media Expo are working on a volunteer basis, and being an 'event staff' member does not qualify as employment or paid work.)